‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you’-Rumi

Have you ever felt like something is going the wrong way yet you feel satisfied? I think one does or might once in his life go through this feeling. I don’t know what exactly it is but sometimes you just need to let life take its take on the things. Let the Purpose prevail. In the past couple of months, I’ve endured the worst and best  kind of feelings, I’ve also done things I’m not exactly proud of but then again, I it is the bad that teaches you because had there been no chill, how would you have appreciated the warmth?

Imagine if you stayed forever like you are right now. Although I wouldn’t mind staying under my cosy blanket with nothing but things to write with everyday, I think no one likes permanence of their state. Then why are we afraid of change? But heart is a vulnerable little thing. Right now, my best friend is undergoing some worse times of her life, I’ve never seen her like this. But i wonder why she’s afraid to go after what she wants? Perhaps she’s an egoistic maniac? Why so afraid of the consequences? You don’t know where the ship you sat in takes you. I wonder if my life was a story book, would I flip to the last page and see how things turn out for me? I might as well get killed at the hands of curiosity but I would dare not read the last words. As much as i’d like to read them, I think I’d like to utter them first. What’s more important than keeping your heart at peace? I don’t think it is ego that wins this battle. It never did.

Because only when I write a word today, am I capable of writing more tomorrow. No one ever sees dawn without dusk, a tree before a plant and a book before a word. I fail to understand what stops people from expressions and if it is mere rejection, then are animals better than us? There is a cat which keeps lingering around my house, and after I sometimes shoo it away, I wake up the next morning only to find it there again. She tries her best to steal an entrance almost everyday after getting kicked out of the house. If she doesn’t give up, why do you? Fear will always reside in you, you only have to calm it down. Calm it down with some of your wildest dreams. Calm it to the point that it has lulled itself to sleep.

Have a good night. ❤



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