3 Steps to get better at Descriptive Writing!

A writer is not but his own experiences. If you’re reading this, you probably must have googled ‘improve descriptive writing’, ‘get better at writing’ or to be very precise, ‘steps to get better at descriptive writing’. Writing is not something that just happens. You have to plan it. You can not expect yourself to become good at something as challenging as writing if you do not read. Reading enhances your thinking skills, and provides an insight to the use of language in your writing. I have devised 3 very easy steps to get better at descriptive writing as beginners.



An easiest way to guarantee innovation in your ideas is through reading. If you find yourself in the midst of a crisis where you lack the ideas, where you have this very strong urge to write but you just can not come up with an idea to drag words out and scratch them down on the paper, be certain of one thing:  I NEED TO READ.

Read anything and everything. Read Kamila Shamsie, Paulo Coelho, Elif Shafak, Charlotte Bronte, Dan Brown etc etc. Read EVERY headline you ever see any word you ever come across. Make it a habit!


Unless you practice something you learn at a cooking class, you can not expect yourself to become a great cook. Similarly, in order to polish your writing skills,  you need to write after you read. A good descriptive piece of writing focuses on the colours, sounds, fragrance. To begin with, start with a description in a short paragraph of 8-9 lines for instance, describe a scene at the park. Choose a time of the day and imagine yourself living that moment. Describe the grass. Is it crunchy? Is it green? What shade of green is it? Like that of a spring’s new leaf? These details would paint a clear picture in your reader’s mind. Beware of careless use of adjectives. Stick to short easy words as a beginner. Big words can make your work seem artificial.


Don’t worry about the first draft of anything that you write, it is going to disappoint you really bad. What you need to do is, fix this. HOW? All you need to do is revise and rewrite. Get someone to proofread your work before you post in online or submit it to your teacher. Remember your words are not sacred! Feel free to omit or add some.


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